A walk through Isfahan’s Christian Jolfa district at Christmas

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Christian Iranians living in the city of Jolfa in central Iranian province of Isfahan, like other Christian cities across the globe, are preparing themselves for the beginning of the new Christian year.


This year, as always, the Vank Cathedral, built in 1606 in Isfahan’s Christian Jolfa district, will celebrate Christmas on January 6.

The cathedral is one of the most important places of worship in the district, and a few days before the holiday, a number of Christmas trees and two statues of Santa Claus are installed in its courtyard. Also present is a live Santa Claus who takes pictures with visitors and wished them a happy holiday.Christmas is also visible in the streets and alleys around the cathedral. Most shops are decorated with Christmas trees, Santa Claus dolls and other new year decorations.

Source : www.realiran.org

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